Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New View on an Old Sight

I'm back and finally settling in after my little adventures (pictures to come!).  I did go on a 66 mile bike trip out to Libertyville and had my first couchsurfing experience.  I did go out to the harsh dusty climate known as Black Rock City for Burning Man, and I did spend a week in LA getting trained in Mind Body software.  Lots of stuff!  Lots of fun and good times.

Being where I am now, at my desk in Chicago - home again, I have to admit that I feel like I see things very differently.  Sometimes you step away from your daily life and get a nice glimpse of things from afar.  Perspective, some might call it.  I would call it that.  It's a great word, and a great concept.  Why do I have a different perspective?  Burning Man enlightened me to all that is glorious in the world and changed my life for the recklessly better?  Not really, no.  The Mind Body training blew my mind and showed me the light?  Closer, but not quite.  Something of a mix of the two actually.

My dear daddy always told me that I undervalue myself (cheers ladies of the business world), and that is starting to become apparent to me more and more.  So, allowing myself to be independent and going on random excursions across the state, followed by a wonderful time playing in the desert and reconnecting with the simple joy of living in the moment and loving, followed by small business training led me to a state of confidence in my abilities to pursue my dreams.  Sooner than later.

Ideas, I have many of.  What to do with all of this new found energy and exuberance for living my own life my way?  I'm not sure, but I am restless now.  I have a feeling I won't be in Chicago much longer.  I must remember to continue doing everything with love, compassion, and with the idea of giving to those around me as well as to myself.  I must not get frustrated if I don't get my way (at least minimize that frustration ;p).  Finally, I must try here first and give it time and a chance to grow.

I'm growing up! How cute!

Many hugs to you all and pictures and stories to come!


Khaled Allen said...

This story made me very happy. I'm really glad to hear you're finding ways to let your spirit shine even more.

none said...
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Sabah said...

As your mother I have to say :Yes...how cute :) my baby is growing up :) you have always moved on and forward..:) I am so happy and proud