Friday, October 21, 2011

Worm Holes and Donuts

Fresh Vegan donuts are something I figured I'd have to make myself or simply forget about.  Donuts, you tasty devils you!  I remember, when I was younger, and my dad and I would stop at Dunkin Donuts and I loved getting the french cruller and a glazed donut, usually strawberry with sprinkles.  That would be my breakfast.  I know, so not my style, nor the healthiest way to start one's morning, but some of my favorite memories!  I still love donuts.  I also used to claim my favorite breakfast as 5 or 6 of those mini powdered donuts that you can buy at gas stations!  HAHAHA!  Loved those little things, and loved the excessive amount of powdered sugar on them.  My parents (I love you!) didn't encourage this habit.  I'm pretty sure they were somewhat worried actually ;)

I let go of donuts as I became healthier and when I went Vegan, that was essentially it for my love affair.  Until today.  I went to Wicker Park today to just get out of the house, enjoy the sunny day, and eat FRESH vegan donuts!  Only one actually, but I could have had more, no doubt mwahaha!  I found out this little hipster cafe called Worm Hole Cafe makes and sells vegan donuts, scones, and muffins.  How lucky am I! It tasted like pure heaven filled with nostalgia in every savored bite.  I sound obsessed.  I am a little bit.  I enjoyed it with a vegan hot chocolate.  Perfection.

This cafe is filled with studious early 20's people, who look like they would very easily fit into a crowd of extras for the Big Bang Theory.  I mean that in the most loving way.  I love the vibe here.  You walk in to be greeted by a replica of the Back to the Future car, a warm cozy table filled room, and usually a group of said people playing mario on the original Nintendo.  More childhood memories.  It is also right next to another great place Native Foods Cafe, which I can hop over to for a real meal, like a vegan bacon cheese burger, or homemade vegan pumpkin pie (that counts as a real meal).

Yay Chicago, showing me your hidden gem of a neighborhood and some wonderful chill spots.

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