Monday, October 17, 2011


Wish I was there too
I went to an Ashtanga Yoga class this afternoon and I have noticed that my strength and endurance have significantly changed!  How exciting, I know.  It is great to feel stronger and more capable.  I love it.  I've been working hard, and giving myself adequate rest so that I can become a stronger person in mind and body.  It has been working.  My mind is clearer than ever, I feel relaxed and stable, and my body is carrying me and working wonderfully.

At that start of the classes we have a moment of meditation where we are to set an intention for the practice.  I have used Phyllis, my dearest "adopted" grandmother who I love dearly as my focus for practice on occasions.  I hold poses longer for her well-being and happiness and I direct my energy to be with her and help her body heal.  She is fighting cancer elegantly and like the hard-core woman that she has always been.  She is, to me, the epitome of strength, in character and in body.

Strength comes in many different ways, and we are all exceptionally strong people.  Usually much stronger than we might initially suppose.  So here's to you, strong wonderful people!  Let it out because your power is within you!

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