Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Johnson & Wales

My new school.  My final experience in university, for now.  It was one of those decisions that just felt right.  I honestly did not know all that much about the school before deciding that it was the one I wanted to go to.  I don't even remember where I first heard about it, if it was at Norwalk Community College, or from my cousin, but it struck me.  Cornell did not seem to fit me, Kendall, a sister school to Les Roches did not for sure, and some of the others in the US just didn't feel like a good fit.  When it comes to choosing experiences, I like to go with my gut feeling, and it brought me to Providence, after many discussions with my parents about whether I could finish in Europe or elsewhere.

This is a good school.  It is not the best academically, or the most rigorous, but I believe that it is very good.  The reason is because you actually feel compelled to learn.  The teachers love what they teach and that makes you respect them.  When you respect a teacher, you work harder.  You pay attention to what they have to say.  I have met some amazing teachers here.  I met few teachers who I was really impressed with in Les Roches, and I consider that to be a great hospitality school.  So cheers to the teachers of JWU.  It has made me think about teaching after gaining experience in this industry actually.

JWU has a nice community.  Though not always the most organized, it is proud and it is friendly.  It embraces you and gives you a lot of opportunities to do things of interest.  For example, Catarina and I are going to join the culinary and nutrition students by volunteering at a farm to plant and harvest food for the Rhode Island Food Bank.  I know many colleges have these kinds of things, but I have come to feel that JWU has a good connection with Rhode Island's farm and fresh way of being.

There is a large successful alumni base known to help Johnson & Wales students in the industry.  I have already had the experience of meeting alumni, even in my dear Waldorf=Astoria.  I've heard numerous stories about recent grads getting jobs just because of their affiliation with this school.  I know teachers who love to help students make connections.

My time here is not very long, but I have loved the school so far, and I think I will leave loving it too.  I hope to be a proud alumnus that can maintain the good reputation of the school in the working world.

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