Tuesday, June 7, 2011

English Journal

My english class has us post journals every week, and this week we had to choose a topic that is a current social issue.  I liked what I wrote, so I thought I would post it:

Eating Animals

An increasingly recognized social, environmental, political, ethical, and health issue is the controversial topic of eating animals.  These days, it seems difficult to avoid the wrath of any outspoken animal rights activist, kale carrying vegan, or the information that is trying to be thrown in front of our intentionally closed eyes.  All we want is to enjoy our medium-rare steaks in peace, or enjoy the traditional turkey at Thanksgiving like many of us have done for years.  Some of us have taken an interest and know of the conditions animals are kept in and the ways they are abused, from tiny cramped living spaces to disease, unhappiness, torture, filth, and fear.  Those of us who have may choose to force ignorance upon ourselves, or eat “free-range” or “grass-fed” and feel a bit better. Some of us may even know of the horrific impact our modern animal cultivation techniques have on our planet, from acres of putrid pools of animal waste that make people ill, to the largest contributor of greenhouse gasses.  And some of us may have even read the studies for the health benefits of a plant-based diet, from the dramatic reversal of cancer and diabetes, to simply having clearer skin, losing weight, and increasing energy, as well as the potential health risks of eating animal products, from multiple cancers and heart disease to blemishes and lethargy.  So, if we have a craving for that wonderful taste and texture, should we indulge ourselves?  Why is it that our cravings for food have no moral laws when they are detrimentally affecting animals and people, but our cravings for sex do?  If a man cannot steal when he wants something, or burn his toxic garbage in his backyard when he wants to rid of it, or rape a woman when he wants to fulfill himself, why can he eat a burger? 

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