Monday, December 6, 2010

School Stuff

With the beginning of a new week comes more answers to questions about my standing as a transfer student.  I am now sure of my status and know that I will be graduating in July!  Very exciting times!  And, this isn't with an excessive course load either.  Summer graduation mmmm...

The school is nice, though as a commuter student, I am not very much involved in the school itself.  I always try to get home before dark since the area can be rather sketchy in the evenings.  I have yet to be out past 5:00PM.  I'm that kid.  There is a good mix of personality types at the school and all of the other typical school things.

My new apartment consists of a dark snuggly living room, also known as the movie den.  Inside you will find a movie library to top blockbuster...actually most were purchased from the selling out of Blockbuster.  A horror movie haven, I tend to avoid the overwhelming zombie collection.

I spend most of my active time in the "dining" room.  The table lends itself more to my and Jeff's studies than to dining.  I have grown quite close with the basil plant that is doing an amazing job of staying bushy in this indirect sunlight and cold nights.  I also have the privileged company of Penny the resident queen mutt.  She is some sort of terrier Chihuahua mix and a yappy little energetic thing she is.  She is not lacking in love to give though, and I have fallen for her.

The next most visited spot is the kitchen of course.  It is very nice having a fully functional kitchen with plenty of shelves and cabinets, something I usually miss when I leave my parent's house.  I'm currently working on some almond coconut yogurt or cheese, whichever one comes out in the end...I've also already got a stockpile of vegan chili and leftover rissoto that Courtney made for me, and my most successful attempt at a vegan blueberry cobbler. Yum yum!

Our apartment building was recently drained of water, whatever that means, and the road outside of the building became dangerously icy resulting in 5 car accidents within 24hrs.  Nothing too major, but I felt like I was back in Abu Dhabi in my uncle's apartment listening for the car crashes below.  The public services finally got the idea to put salt and sand on the road and the crashes stopped.

I await more adventures!

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