Friday, December 17, 2010


I am clearly not doing very well committing to updating my blog.  Well, here is the rundown in streaming form:

My computer charger fell apart, I put it back together, and now it only works when it chooses to.

My computer battery lies to me and crashes when it sneakily tells me it has 1 hour remaining.

I got all of the course complications sorted out and am now permitted and ready to register for classes come Dec 23rd, as well as some evening ones in Jan.

I applied for a position in a vegan bakery and at a wine store - nobody got back to me.....yet!

I love my teachers!

Having my car is super convenient.

My flat-mates are awesome!

There are many holiday events coming up that I greatly look forward to.  Pictures will definitely come for those since I remembered to bring my camera.

My dad might start school in January, and I hope he does!  Chuck the baker!

I hope it snows soon :}

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