Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Job Update

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel to finalize things for starting my position there.  It is a front desk job that would finally give me the Front Desk experience I need and be great for getting better aquainted with hotels generally.  It is a 5 star hotel mainly for army officers, but also for members of the public.  It is claimed to be second in luxury only to the Emirates Palace and has every desirable activity there including but not limited to golf, tennis, olympic sized swimming pool, a shooting range, squash, etc.  I will be working with a friend and fellow flat mate, Nadine.  It is very exciting.  I will be looking for higher positions during my time there and working on getting moved into a supervisory position at the hotel.  It would be ideal to stay at that hotel and simply move up.  I went for my interview and checked out the lobby, which is something like a men's lounge with more light and plants.  They serve you some coffee and dates while you wait.  AMAZING DATES I might add!  It is a fair bit smaller than the Waldorf, at just 600 rooms versus the whopping 1,413 rooms I was working at before.  Let my life here begin!

I also got the chance to visit my uncle Anwar and aunt Mariam.  They came to the Aloft and had lunch with Alan and me and we all talked and got to know each other.  Anwar is the same as I remember him from when I was 7.  A salt and pepper head of wirey curly hair and a very joking light-hearted personality complimented by a teasing sense of humour and warm smile.  For some reason I remembered his hair most distincly....  I had forgotten what Mariam looked like, but the moment I saw her again I was flooded with some sort of past familiarity and imediatly remembered her mosr for her smile.  After lunch they kindly drove us to an electrical store to pick up the transformer for my beloved blender and Alan's Nespresso machine.  After that we went to thier apartment and had tea with an "Apple Upside Down Cake" and then Turkish cofee with my favorite cookies.  Made from Semolina flour and filled with dates, they are quickly becoming Alan's favorites too!  Anwar showed me the room I could stay in if I stayed with them, something I do plan on doing once I work out how to get to and from work.

This evening I will be meeting my cousin Ismael and his wife Suha.  Suha will pick me up and we will go to their house for a drink and talking.  I hope everyone is doing well wherever you may be!!

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