Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to Abu Dhabi!!

I have made it!  I'm here in Abu Dhabi!  After a rather uneventful 13 hour flight where I met a pretty cool 17 year old girl who kept me company, I was greeted by Mr. Alan Drummond and a red rose AAAWWWWW!  We had somewhat withheld but warm greeting on both our parts.  We grabbed a cab and headed over to the staff housing, which is a bit outside of the main city and in a very "in construction" area.  It does seem like a lot of this place is under construction.  I met one of the flat mates and we discussed food, as the flight did not provide very well.

We made an attempt at grocery shopping for a healthy home made diner, but just ended up exploring the little mall as indecisive as could be.  I think I just need to chill out before I can make any grocery decisions.  We ended up at this little Lebanese restaurant situated on the top of the mall.  They had that delicious greasy flat bread that I used to eat as a kid in Dubai from this bakery, so I had that with hummus  and a green salad, which was very simply and lemon juice as dressing.  I actually felt very satisfied after that, I think because I was just craving something fresh and tasty, and this fulfilled that requirement. Alan's chicken shawirma did not unfortunately.

No unpacking done yet as there is not much space to store my things.  I am excited about our near future trip to Ikea and being properly organized with my stuff.  My goal is to have some good physical organization for my clothes and things.  Also on the list, very important, is a transformer, to be blessed with the electricity that runs through my beloved Vita Mix blender.  Soon, so soon.  Then some yummy cooking and blending shall proceed.

Alan is working on some projects for the hotel, mainly housekeeping right now.  Improving the system already.

Until next time!

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