Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Quickie

A Quick Update:

I've been working on my Integrated Project all day today, and feel pretty good about it. It is definitely taking more time than I would like, but it is moving, and it will be done and it will be done relatively well. Everything is coming together now.

I've been trying out this "primal" lifestyle to see how things go. I'm enjoying the food a lot hahaha, but when don't I? My favorite dishes have been fusions of raw with meat. Like today, for example, I used leftover shrimp scampi on top of spiralized zuchini, grated carrots, and cabbage, with my cashew alfredo dressing. SOOOO good. One of my Group members grabbed a bit of it, he is a meat eater, and really liked it, wanted to know how I made the sauce. He thought there was cream and cheese in it, but no, just nuts, and other goodness! Totally primal, and totally delish! The more veggies I eat the better I feel. At the begining of the week, I was still sticking to my carb lovingness, and felt all bloated and nasty, but once I reincorporated my old favs without the bread and stuff I felt MUCH better. I'm interested what the longer term effects will a change in body composition, or increased strength? Energy, focus? I'm curious...I like seeing how food affects our life more than we usually think. I HAVE been feeling fuller longer recently, which is really nice :D And this is without eating past comfort. It just stays longer I guess.

I've been feeling compelled to run now for some reason. I know my shins don't like running, so I'm not letting myself go too long or too often, not yet anyway. I did sign myself up for the Lausanne 10K, which I did 2 years ago, so it will be interesting to see it this time around. Like a last hurrah to Switzerland. I've also been incorporating more yoga into my day. Just 10 minutes here or there. After a morning run or something, and it feels nice. :D

I hope everyone is continuing life's search for ultimate happiness!


Diana said...

Lia, it would be great if you could post a few of your recipes. The cashew alfredo dressing sounds really delicious.

I just ordered a spiralizer. I can't wait to get it. We have zucchini growing in the backyard. Now if I just had some of your sauce to put on my spiraled zucchini. :)

Julie said...

oh! love that you wanna get into running :) do it girllll

Sabah said...

OOOh , that was so sweet. I can't wait to see you too. That shrimp dish sounds delish. We are ready for it when you get here.