Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Week


It's 8 am here in Bluche and I'm enjoying the morning :D I watched another film that grabbed my attention in the library the other day. It's called Lovers of the Arctic Circle, and it is a Spanish film. Another movie about childhood romance that lasts to adulthood when they reunite. It was well made, and filmed differently than your typical "Classic Hollywood" film. I think that is why foreign films appeal to me so much. They are more likely to take the same concepts we see in movies, but portray them in a refreashing way that reminds you why you initially appreciated the concepts. The big Blockbusters have created the cliches that we can no longer take seriously when they occur in real life. The novelty is gone, in many instances. Anywhoooo. I am running low on smoothie ingredients, I still don't understand how I go through fruits and veggies so quickly. I made a blackberry, banana, plum, lamb lettuce, coconut milk, flax, and chocolate smoothie. It was not the best. I actually added the chocolate powder after I tried it without hmmm....I wouldn't mind going back to some of my classic favorites: Strawberry, blueberry, banana. Simple and delicious!


Yeah, so this week, what is going on? Well, This is the first week of quizes, so everyone is trying to figure out what is going to be on each quiz, and finish their Integrated Project, which takes over your life in Management year. I will be very glad when it is done! I've become the group leader somehow. Perhaps because I'm only one who speaks english as their first language, or I'm the only girl, or the most organised? Who knows. It's actually really fun being in this group of typically "too-relaxed" guys. I have faith that the project will get done on time, but I thik I feel comfortable because they send me things each step of the way and I review it, so I know where we stand in terms of quality. I'm also the official writer of the group (the whole english language thing). Most of them are Portuguese and very happy people! :D


This week I decided to keep it like last week. I have the gym for my class on Tuesday; Wednesday is yoga; Thursday is conditioning in the classroom. The interest has decreased a bit, but Im okay with that right now because I'm super busy and when there are too many girls in the gym I can't give them the best workout since I can't focus on all of them at once. The classroom is, of course, different because we do a nice group workout session. I still need to figure out good aerobics music. The yoga music is covered, thanks for the earlier suggestions!

Ramadan Update

My Raw for Ramadan situation has been quite successful. I've been enjoying raw foods galore and even had an all fruit picinic yesterday with a friend. Good times. The school prepares sandwiches and fruit for people fasting, so that they will have something to eat at sundown. It is nice that the school recognizes it, but the sandwiches are rather sad, and certainly not enough food for some of the bigger guys. Last year, we gave free food at CDV, the cafe I worked at here, to all those fasting. Management wasn't happy about it, but it was our way of making a statement about effort and quality and TAKING CARE OF GUESTS since this is a hospitality school and all....enough of that now.


I did 50 pushups the other day. Not consecutivley, but still. Soon I'll be doing some proper pull-ups. I'm stoked! Oh, and the pants that got tight while I was home are all loose again, score. That is one thing I need to work on: staying active when I go on vacation. And I need a new swimsuit. I've needed one for a year, but if I don't find the one I want, which I already have in mind, then I don't really consider other options. I found it in the Philippines, but the bottoms were one size too small! Otherwise it was sooo perfect. I almost bought it, but told myself to be realistc. I think it was Roxy halter with shorts and a cute belt. Loved it. Need to find it!

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Sabah said...

Sounds lovely :D.
How about mixing music with dancing beat, MJ songs, JLO , Rihana, and Britny spears.? I know it will take some time,but they aal get you jumping .