Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Wonderfulness


Really now, why am I so euphoric? I cannot understand this crazyness. I was thinking back to different times recently in the past and how not excited I was for things I used to jump for joy about, and I wonder. I used to turn down walks, or not look forward to them. I LOVE walks. I have probably talked this to death now, but I just need to say it one more time. I'm just so fulfilled right now, and I do not know the cause. I'd like to discover it! The food? The exercise club? I love people so much! hahaha I sound rediculous. I'm done now. hahahaha!!

In Other News

I had another Women's Fitness meeting today in the gym. We did an upper body workout with the free weights. They got a good workout and I hope they feel it tomorrow. I put them through some Interval training at the end and pushed them SUPER hard there. They like it and that is what they come for. Direction and a push. I hope I deliver. I try to drop in helpful hints and tips to keep motivation up and achieve the results they want without the tedium that can come with gyms. I had to confront some guys today and got a bit of grief....where is that gym stagiere? That is his job....I also did a pretty crazy workout for myself today. Day 1 of the 30 day program I'm starting. CRAZY! I died. YOu know when you're running SUPER hard and sweat is literally dripping off you? I wasn't running, I was lifting, and that was me. Truly awesome :D


I'm just waiting for the Funi and am all caught up and organized with my work, so I'm chilling tonight with a foreign film called All About Lily Chou Chou I think. Interesting plot. I shall see how it goes. Oh, the other film I watched on Sunday was called Cuckoo and was SO nice. It's about three people in one of the World Wars who stumble upon each other, in a not war setting and don't speak the same language, but bond and communicate. It's definitly funny and not dramatic or anything. Very cute. Sooo excited to get away to my little den and chill. Right now I'm surrounded by loud semi-drunk people. Ahhhh college. I'm hungry too...watermelon awaits me YUM!


Sagan said...

The sweat was dripping off me yesterday too! And into the water I was drinking. Ew. But I'm not sure if that was so much because I'd been running really hard as it was from the heat outside... hehe.

Sabah said...

Euphoric. Hmmm. SOme people pay thousands of dollard to get that feeling. Good for you , you have it free. I am soo happy for you.