Thursday, May 14, 2009



I got my bloodtest results and I'm super healthy. Blood sugar is super, Iron is perfect, B12 is even good! Donno what's wrong with me still, but there was one cholesterol was higher than normal, which is REALLY weird for me as a vegan. The Dr. said it could be attributed to the large amount of nuts I eat....? Also my ASAT GOT Liver enzyme was a bit high, which she said could easily happen from any slight infection, but they will recheck it in Sept. Apparently there is a phenomenon with different liver function that isn't bad just different and my mom has it too, so maybe that is it. I just donno why my cholesterol is higher than normal....Ahhh, my mom seems to have come up with the answer, which agrees with the Dr. and some personal research. Apparently when she started eating lots of nuts her cholesterol went up to very close to where mine is now and the Dr. found out it went up with good cholesterol. I also just read that a magnesium rich diet increases good cholesterol, which the high magnesium levels on the analysis also supports. SO no worry there :) When I get home I guess I'm getting the type of cholesterol checked.

My blood pressure was low, as always, 90/65 or 95/60, and the Dr. prescribed me to season my food more and drink red wine at night. Cool. :)


I got my passport back!!! WOOHOO!! That was quite fast wasn't it? It's so colourful and I look oh so pale and tired hahahaha!!


It stopped raining this afternoon, and the sun even shone for a few minutes!!! It's been a few days, so I'm quite excited!


There is a reason I feel happy during exam time. I've never been much into studying, but more into learning as the semester goes on so that I just have to very briefly refreash myself before hand. So, I don't have the stress of the crammer, AND the schedule is ALWAYS lighter on class time!! MWHAHAAAHA!! Example: Next week Tuesday I finish at 12:45 and Friday I finish at 8:50 am!!! I love it, I really do.


Yes, I am being auctioned off at the school fundraiser and hopefully someone will buy me hahaha! Would be a little bit awkward to have no bids..... The person buys a picnic lunch with me on Saturday. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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