Sunday, January 4, 2009


I Am Going To The Neurologist Tomorrow.  I have been lightheaded a lot in my lifetime and am finally seeing someone about it....someone who might actually know what to do about it.  I have seen Dr.s before and they have nothing to say.   It has amazingly gotten pretty bad in the time I have been at home, which is convenient for the Dr.'s sake.  HOPEFULLY he will be able to diagnose something and also get rid of this irritating headache that the previous Dr. diagnosed as being related to a sinus infection.....the sinus infection is quite gone, and the headache is STILL here harassing me.  I don't want to have this going on while I need to be focusing on learning and such.

I Need To Start Packing.  Goodness I feel like I write that a lot.  I leave on the 6th and will be going to London!!  I'll be visiting my dear high school friend Mary and my cousin Tarek and his family.  I also found out that I could have been building up frequent flier miles and used them to get a business class ticket.  Grrrr....well, I guess I'll have to just start now.  Hopefully I will soon be able to fly back and forth in business.

I Still Don't Like The Cold...

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