Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Semi-Long Weekend

I'm Sick Again. I have some combination of a nasty cold and a mild flu. This resulted in a rather dramatic night at work yesterday. With nobody to cover for my shift, I had to stay and ended up in something of a bad temper and a mildly exhausted state. I slept well though. Today I am feeling better, though still quite off.

A Teacher Enlightened Me to the views of the teachers. Apparently, the teachers are getting just as fed up (probably more) with the management of the school (aka Taylor). They are tired of the terrible communication, the falling standards, the mass of "academically unadmissable students admitted," and the unorganized nature of running the school now. I'm glad to hear it. I was given specific examples to Taylor's inability to run this place and enforce his own rules, including but CERTAINLY not limited to admitting students who had not signed for dinner into dinner to eat after putting new rules out to strengthen the signing responsibility. This is the "just now" example the teacher gave me when we spoke. Enough with my negative ramblings though. Taylor did give me 3 tickets to culture night "just because you're sick" if I wasn't.......

Culture Night is tomorrow, which is rather exciting. I am the only stagier with the schedule that allows me to attend both the show and the food stands and the after party. SO, Steffi is comming with Albert and me to culture night. We are going to watch the show and enjoy the food and have a fun night generally. Then I will be taking Steffi back to Zurich where I will be spending a day enjoying the city and maybe seeing Koi who is also visiting the city. I will do some research this time to create a general line of discovery for my excursion, which will hopefully include an english bookstore as I am coming to the end of my last book!

Monday is My Dr. Appointment! For the stomach that hasn't been hurting since I told the Dr. that the medication she gave me didn't work....well, I may as well go and see what the tummy specialist says...maybe it really is all just psychological.

In Other News: I found an identification code on some tortillas that had my name in it. I was pretty excited. Also, I was told that the kitchen semester done at Kendall is better than here, so I am looking to do it in Chicago in January. It is a bit late maybe, but I will essentially be doing an exchange semester from Switzerland to the States hehehe. I would also be able to spend one semester near my brother, which is very appealing to me. We will see what happens!

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