Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Winter Has Arrived and it is wet! It snowed last night and has been snowing on and off this morning. The dinner chef already pelted me with snowballs in the sandwich shop, a nice welcome to winter! Haha! It is certainly wet and chilly... the fall chill is nice. Winter cold is okay. I didn't brink my winter clothes back from the states though....I may need my dear parents to ship them over. ;P People are already taking their weekends to Zermatt for Snow boarding and skiing. No more biking up and down the mountain or running through Montana-Village. I have been reaquainting myself with the treadmill and have discovered the stationary bike. I've honestly never really taken the bike seriously, I don't really know why, maybe it was simply that I never pushed myself hard enough on it.

I've Finished All of My Books...I have one left actually. I even got a new one in the middle. The nutrition and exercise one. I have The Omnivore's Dillema left to read, and I'm sure I will devour that one too. I'm trying to get another E-book about exercise, to increase my knowledge on that subject. One thing I realized when I was reading the most recent one was that I knew plently about nutrition, but not really about the interconnectedness of nutrition and exercise, and of exercise alone. So, YAY knowledge! Oh, and I finished Breakfast at Tiffany's today, and I really enjoyed it. I need to watch the movie again. I do feel as though the movie does a wonderful job of capturing the intent of the book...from what I remember anyway. I remember learning in Boulder in Film Class about how when a book is adapted into a movie, the determining factor of the quality of the adaptation is NOT how closely the movie sticks to the book, but how acuratly the movie captures the atmosphere, tone, and meaning of the book. So yay Breakfast at Tiffany's! Audrey Hepburn matches the portrays the character of Holly Golightly perfectly. I'm getting excited...

I Discovered The Lunch Menu at Edo! The wonderful Japanese place across the street that tends to be REALLLYYYY pricey is perfect for lunch if you're craving Japanese and don't want to pay a fortune. I had a filling meal I couldn't even finish for only 20 chf! Teryaki grilled salmon, marinated-smoked seeweed and carrots, a salad, a bowl of rice, and miso soup. SO GOOD!!! Even Albert ate well and he can EAT when we get Japanese. He got the other lunch menu option which consisted of a BIG bowl of rice, chicken, egg, and some sort of sauce, with the same side items that I had-15 chf. I would have to thank Cherise for introducing me to the lunch menu.

This Friday is Halloween....donno what to do. CDV is theorhetically doing something. I'm off of work, and I'm having a dinner party over in Randogne at Ty's place, the place I lived in over the summer. There is a fellow "vegan" living there. I say "vegan" because he has also had to compromise his veganess here due to cost and convenience. I'm making Filet Mignon with redwine sauce and those pan fried mashed potatoe patties that I make at home sometimes. And those who don't want red meat will be having Chicken Mole! YUM! I guess I'm not really doing the Halloween thing then. Maybe after the dinner I'll dress up and go to CDV for a bit. We'll see how the night goes.

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