Monday, July 14, 2014

Fitness and Food so Far


When I restarted my Flirty Girl membership, I attended Abs and Booty and Beginner Belly Dancing.  Abs and Booty was a serious situation.  It forcefully handed my booty to me on a silver platter of sweat, fire, and controlled breathing.  If you want to be humbled and pushed take this class.  Oh my goodness.  The belly dancing was fine.  It was dance class, not really like the typical classes there, but it really worked my abs.  It's something I've always felt connected with, being arab and all, and my mom loves belly dancing.  So I had to try this class.  Since then I've taken some seriously difficult classes.  They really don't fool around here.  You might not take it seriously with a name like Flirty Girl Fitness.  It kind of makes you think of those girls at the gym with designer gym clothes, hair and make up done, and a cell phone in hand.  This is completely different.  Though there is an overlap in the designer work out gear.

Andrea from Edible Alchemy

In other news, I will be coordinating the food at Feastival, a wonderful annual event that raises money for a local food co-op called Edible Alchemy.  I've worked with them in the past for events and helping to do ordering with farmers for the weekly shares.  It's a great team of people and a unique experience.  The party uses mostly local ingredients and gets the party goers involved in education, play, and of course eating!  I'm really excited to be more involved this time.  I might even stay past 10:00PM!  Who knows!  It does go until sunrise....

Results of my dessert workshop

I do give private cooking classes and workshops here in Chicago too, so I'll be amping those up as summer continues.  My work as a waitress is no longer satisfying my financial needs unfortunately, not because my expenses have increased, but my income has decreased by about half.  I'd rather work there less regardless, but I'd rather earn money doing these kinds of events in place of waitressing.  This year will be a time for growth.  I'm excited about it.  Now everyone in my life understands where I am at and where I need to be it is easier to make the decisions I need to make.  It is the time for change and growth.

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