Saturday, March 15, 2014

You're Temporary

I'm in Phoenix.  I cheated.  Sorry Chicagoans.  While I'd love to be celebrating the 40's and 50's temps with you, I'm celebrating the 80's.  The sunny 80's.  I'm not ashamed.  This is my last big outing away from Chicago for a while, as previously mentioned.  I'm really excited to see spring AND summer AND Fall again.  Beaches and biking, dance classes and outdoor yoga.  I love Chicago in the summer.  And chocolate.

Some of you, really all of you who see me, ask what my tattoo means.  It's been making guest appearances in some photos during my travels, and I did just get it in January.  SO, to some it looks like an infinity sign, especially to many ladies who have infinity tattoos, but it's actually the OPPOSITE of the infinity tattoo.  So while, I'd love to squeal about having the same tattoo as some young spritely Chicago Lass on the train, I can't do that because, though you're a sweetheart, it's actually different.

The broken infinity sign is actually a tattoo my roomy, Sarah, got on her finger.  She also got the infinity on the other hand.  Two opposing ideas.  She explained her broken infinity as stemming from her appreciation for the Buddhist idea of Anitya, or impermanence.  That all things have an end and nothing is forever.  She had been looking for a good, simple symbol to convey this philosophy and settled on the broken infinity.

For those of you who know me, I live and preach impermanence. It is my life philosophy.  It is how I base my decisions for the job I want, the place I want to live, and how to deal with the positive and negative in life.  It all ends.  It's all temporary.  Our lives are impermanent.  The pain in my foot will change.  It may go away, it may get worse, it may get better, but I know for sure that it is not forever.  Each moment changes.  So I kinda completely fell in love with the broken infinity as a tattoo, and decided pretty quickly that it would also join me at some point.  That point happened to be January.

Many times we loose perspective and think that situations will last forever.  I'm not just talking about the rough stuff, but people forget that the good stuff ends too.  And they get really upset about it ending.  It is just as temporary as the bad stuff.  The mentality you have, that is in your power and you can change and choose it.  So you may hate on yourself a lot now, but you CAN change that.  You can teach yourself to love yourself.  You can choose for that mentality to be stable through the good and the bad.  You may see everything as terrible and your life sucks, but, guess what?  You can also change that.  Not overnight.  But over time.

EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY.  So change some stuff and expect everything to change.

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