Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections on 2012

Sojourning is not just about global travel or moving to new cities, which I love to do, but also about the little moments and adventures that keep life fresh and ever-changing.  I've been having a month of broken routines and blowing with the breeze (frigid though the breeze has been), and now I am back in Chicago, in my lovely apartment, with my lovely roommate, and it is time to get my plans in order again.  Create a bit more stability for the coming year, so I can continue to have adventures of course!  Let's take a look back on 2012 then, appreciate where I came from, and then move forward.

I don't specifically assign such novel acts to the New Year.  I think it is always good to have goals and dreams and things to work toward every day, every hour.  This time of year is a consistent marker to take the opportunity though.  It's time to take a look back on 2012 then, appreciate where I came from, and then move forward.


Roomy's Dachshund
  • Hung out with my current roommate for the first time


  • Graduated from Yoga Teacher Training
  • Started working at the front desk at the yoga studio part-time


  • Made my move out of a place that didn't make me happy and gradually moved in to my current apartment


  • Began working with Edible Alchemy, a food co-op that is wonderful and the people there are absolutely amazing.  Though I only worked with them for the month, I helped create the food shares from local farmers and help collect the huge orders from the farmer's market
  • Started doing private cooking classes as a trade with a couple


  • Met my current Boyfriend (as a friend first)
  • Quit my job at Starbucks and became full-time at the yoga studio - happy camper I was!
  • Started teaching yoga at the studio


  • Turned 24!
  • Ran my first paid food workshop


  • Visited Helen, my nanny from when I was a wee little baby!
  • Started teaching at 2 yoga studios
  • Did my first professional grocery store walk through and private lesson on labels and marketing


Burning Man!
  • Taught yoga to kids for the first time
  • Taught kids about food for the first time
  • Went on my first long bike trip
  • Went to Burning Man!


  • Went to Mind Body University and learned about running a small business sparking the entrepreneurial flame.


Me, Sarah, and our trail guide Mo, Wisconsin wedding

Mo, Grace, Me, Sarah, Alaska adventure
  • Went to my trail friend's wedding!  We backpacked together through a camp for a few summers in a row and spent 40 days backpacking through Alaska with 2 other lovely ladies, and I was able to go to her wedding
  • 1 year Chicago move anniversary (Officially the longest I've been in place by my own choice that is not school)



  • Ended my job at the yoga studio
  • Went home and saw my wonderful friends & family
  • Job interview for a summer position (more info to come hopefully soon)
If you stuck it out this long, you're amazing!  I'd encourage you to make a list like this to see what your year consisted of and also to take note of which events are important to you, and which you don't think important enough to make note of.  That says a lot about who we are and what makes us happy.

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