Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Goals

Yes, I am a bit late with my goal setting, but I usually don't realize the new month has arrived and need time to reflect and then look forward.

So reflection time!  

November Goals and how I did:


1. Reduce my sugar intake - I did this one well.  I didn't eliminate, and had some weeks better than others, but overall, I reduced.

2. Sustain a regular sleep schedule - I stuck with this one, and set my alarm every morning and went to bed around the same time each night.  I started waking up after a good 8 hours of sleep naturally and didn't need the alarm anymore.  Yay!

3. Bike through the cold - Ok, I got lucky with this one. Any Chicago people out there agree.  It hasn't been very COLD yet.  It's been chilly, but not yet frigid, so I got through this one like a rockstar.  Layers. Thin layers, and warm sunny days.  We even had a 70F Degree day in there!  That's 21C for my non US readers out there.

4. Rock out my November cooking workshops - This was mostly true.  The cooking workshop ended up being a bit more work than the dessert workshop and I definitely could have used an assistant for cleaning up and doing some of the repetitive stuff so I could talk and teach.  The dessert one went well, and I'm happy about it.  I did do mostly raw desserts, which I didn't intend on.  I'd like to work on getting more cooked desserts in and doing an actual workshop where the people get to do some of the work.

December Goals:


December is a bit of a funny month for me.  I came home at the beginning to spend some time with my family and reconnect.  So I'll be out of a schedule until January.  There will be plenty of celebrating and seeing old friends.

1.  Stay active!


By this I mean go to yoga or do some kind of physical activity each day.  I signed up for a $30 for 30 days at a really wonderful yoga studio, Kaia Yoga,  and have gone almost everyday.  They have 2 locations, one in Westport, CT and one in Greenwich, CT.  I took a day off yesterday mostly because I have an over-stretched hamstring, and took a Zumba class with my mom!  I LOVE Zumba now.  As in cravings and obsessive thoughts.  It really is like going to a party.  Me and a bunch of middle aged mom's.  Partying together.  Getting wild and crazy.

2. Learn Wordpress


I actually have a domain and wordpress already set up on it, but I have no idea how to use it, and I want to move the blog over there eventually.  I have a book on how to learn it and I'm going to do it!  It intimidates me, which is why I procrastinate.  Yup, I've had my other site for over a year.  I'd like to get more on top of this and when is better than now, especially with all this free time I find myself with.

3. Connect with old friends

I've already set myself up for this, contacting people I haven't seen in years.  Hopefully some of it results in actually seeing these people.  I'm meeting one on Thursday next week already!  I've realized, over the years and through many new friendships, that people like to stay connected.  People often look back and wish they had put more effort to stay in touch with their old friends.  I decided a few years ago, that I'm actually going to keep up that effort.  I had an ex who was really great at keeping in contact with people, and I learned from him.  People appreciate the effort, and someone has to do it.  There is really no benefit in playing the game "well I contacted her last time so now it's her turn after 3 years."  The people who never follow through, I extend the offer to meet up when I'm around and then it is in their hands.  If they don't, then I know I tried, without putting excessive effort or stressing myself out.  I know who the flakey friends are, and who the reliable ones are, so my expectations don't typically result in frustration or disappointment.

4. Eat lots of greens


This is actually harder than I expected, but I realized why.  The apartment my parents live in is freezing!  In Chicago, the apartment is kept really warm by the land lord or whoever is in charge of the heating.  We have no control.  It's the temperature that determines how raw I'm going to crave my food to be.  I am just not at all motivated to have a green smoothie in the morning or a salad in the afternoon.  If I do yoga or dance around the apartment (I do do this) then I'm warm.  So, when I'm home, the temperature goes up so I can stay healthier.  I also want to be more active when it is warmer in here I've realized.  Amazing.  So if you need this little bit of motivation to stay well, then up your thermostat.  

What are some of your goals?  I'd actually love to hear what you want for yourself.

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