Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wellness is an All Encompassing Subject

"Rather than make weight-loss your goal, make health your priority"
"Like any successful relationship in life, at the heart of your relationship with food is self-love."
-Donna Gates from this article

You have to work to find YOUR balance and happiness

 I do like to talk food.  Plants and Yoga make me a very happy person.  Of course, I have been through my struggles with wellness.  I say my struggles with wellness and not just with food because that is what it was/is.  A much larger, deeper part of my life than just what goes into my mouth.  I wanted to establish my view here, to you all, of health and wellness.  It is so much more than food and fitness.  It is a state of being.  Of being well. 

What does that mean to you?  When do you really feel well?  When you've slept enough, had good food, kept active?  And what else?  How about when you're not stressed, when you've taken time away from all the noise around you and paid some attention to your wants and needs, or when you've finally come to accept something about yourself or those around you.  Wellness is that feeling of peace, of being grounded, of a clear mind, and of a thriving body.

For me, the imbalances in my life manifested most in my relationship with food, but also, though less so, in other areas of my life (referring to the 2nd quotation).  This topic goes back to the quote I mentioned in my previous post, which summarizes to say that the choice of what you eat is a good indicator of how much you value yourself that day.  That may not be YOUR indicator of course.  It may be something completely different.  Pay attention to these signs and dig deep.  Trust your intuitions and find balance.

Wellness is:
  • Peace of mind, so find yours intentionally
  • Foundational joy, don't settle for less
  • Self-respect and self-worth
  • A feeling of liberation in life

What can you do to enhance or find your wellness?  You are worth it, so pursue it.