Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vega One vs. RAW - Product Review

 "We shape the clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want."
- Lao-Tzu

I decided to do some research.  A fun taste testing experience extravaganza you might say.

Stuck at the desk at the yoga studio I work at during hours of hungry time does not promote an exceptional customer service version of myself.  The obvious thing to do would be to bring pre-made food that I can easily eat in those 10-30 minutes between classes or massages.  I did sort of begin doing that, but more like I would bring the ingredients for meals and leave them in the kitchen here to be prepared and eaten in those time periods.  It took me a few months of running back and forth to realize that this is not, in fact sustainable, or particularly comfortable.

The morning manager has been bringing this RAW meal powder and has it for lunch about an hour before I take over.  It is the cheapest of the vegan meal replacements at Whole Foods that I have seen, so it seems like a good idea.  He claimed it kept him full for at least 2 hours afterwards too.

Taste is important to me for powder situations, and I have not had too many good experiences with just mixing in water.  So, I picked up a pouch of the RAW Meal Vanilla Chai, and the Vega One Chai.  Here are my thoughts.

The RAW Meal came in an 80g, 310 calorie, packet and did in fact keep me satisfied and full for 3 solid hours.  I felt energetic and peppy, so good for customer service!  I liked the taste and the texture a lot.  At 34 g of protein and 7 g of sugar, it has a nutrient profile that I am happy with, especially being a bit more cost sensitive since my trip out west.

Vega One was about half the size, so I did try to keep that in mind while analyzing.  At 136 calories, 15 g of protein, and 2 grams of sugar, I didn't expect it to sustain me as long.  I do prefer a lower sugar count, so it made me happy that even after converting this to an 80 g amount it was lower.  But it does use Stevia, which I like the idea of, but not so much the taste of.  Overall the taste was nice; I did prefer the taste of RAW meal.

And what have I done since the taste test?  Bought myself a giant tub of RAW Vanilla Chai Meal powder.  May it keep me pleasant and satisfied during those busy times at the desk, and may it do the same for you.

Any meal replacement powders you recommend?  Staying power vs taste vs price?  Would love to hear!

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