Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I had the pleasure of eating three of those cookies yesterday (oops!), and then having a soy latte with the most delicious fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie.  Crispy edges and gooey chocolate chips.  Still hot! Wow.  Truly a great time on my tongue.  And with the bitterness of the coffee and the slight sweetness of the soy milk, it was heaven.  The fact that I was enjoying it with Miguel made it all 10x better.  Argo Tea is where we were.  A great little spot.  So many choices of teas and coffees.  I really liked their latte.  It was milder than Starbucks and very smooth.  They even foamed their soy milk well!  This would be my new coffee spot for sure if it was nearer to the things in my life (work, and yoga).

But then I woke up today.  I can only call it a sugar hangover, or something.  I went about my day as usual.  Oatmeal for breaky and a slice of Whole Foods Vegan pizza for lunch (I didn't plan well today.  Usually I pack a lunch).  But then, my stomach decided to rebel against me.  It was pain and nausea.  This happy combination felt exactly like a few days ago.  That other day was also the day after eating a lot more refined sugar than I am used to.  This lead me to my theory that it is the sugar.  It is just a theory.  Of course I soon had even more theories.  Perhaps I have an ulcer and the high sugar simply exacerbated it?  So many things.  Was it the baking soda?  I noticed that when I eat things with baking soda, my throat gets a bit tighter, not to a significant degree, but to a noticeable one.  And so my mind went and my computer went on and the google doctor thing happened, and I have no conclusions.  I'm gonna try to avoid sugar though.

The end.

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