Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Flow of Time

Yes, I have been severely neglecting my blog.  It seems that when I am in a routine of normalcy I lose inspiration to write.  I love writing, and have somewhat decided to put the effort aside to write.  It is something that brings me happiness, calms me down, and helps me to organize thoughts and ideas as well as realize new things.  So, I am back.

Interestingly, I am also back in Chicago.  It is my 2nd extended visit, this time 2 weeks.  It has a mixture of purposes.  One, the main one, is to visit Miguel, someone who makes me extraordinarily joyful (I would say the typical 'happy' but, to be honest, I feel that when I am living my life normally, I am a generally happy person so he brings that to a new dimension, a certain wholeness).  the other reason is to see how I really feel about moving here, something I have been considering seriously for a while now.  The third is just for a change, an addiction I have, and perhaps the reason I feel inspired again to write.

For an update to those who follow my blog for information about my doings, I have now finished my 2nd term at Johnson & Wales University, something that excites me greatly.  It means that I have not only re-acclimated and settled down, back into the normalcy of American living, but it also means that I have had my graduation ceremony, made good friends, progressed my learning, and will be done in 2 months (July 28th!).

For the boring details these are the classes I finished: Microecon, Hospitality Managerial Accounting (Accounting III), Travel & Tourism, Sales and Meeting Management (awesome time), Career Capstone (a how to class for finding jobs, interviewing, and negotiating contracts), Hospitality Law, Statistics (SO glad I never have to do this again!), Geography, International Business Protocol (really nice one though 3.5 hours every Thursday evening till 9:30).  Next term, starting the 5th of June I will have Advanced Composition and Communication, Sociology I, and an online class of Hospitality Management Seminar, which goes until August.  In July I will have finished the 2 classes above and will begin World History since 1500.

I'll expand on some of these other news bites in the future:  Getting a job and working at Paragon Restaurant, Johnson & Wales, A job offer in Manhattan, Graduation Ceremony, and post July events including surgery and moving.  I'll do my best with pictures too hehehe!

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