Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Settling in

I have been back in CT for a week now, and Alan has been in Abu Dhabi.  He let me know of his fun times and all of the people he has met.  He seems to be settling in well.  The first 2 nights were spent at the hotel and then the 3rd, he was moved to the staff housing.  The flat-mates are really nice and seem to be more westernized.  All ex-patriots it seems, though, alan has already bonded with a local or 2.  This was a pleasant surprise as we thought the locals did not like us non-locals, but his local friend took him out and about and treated him to sheesha.  I'm excited to go over there and meet these people.  I will also know some friends from my mom's work in the UAE mission to the UN, so that will be nice.  I'll also spend sometime with my family who live there and have them show me around.

I have been mostly relaxing, but now it is time for a busy schedule.  Seeing my friends, finishing the clean out and pack up of my room and personal items, and packing for the big move.  I went back to the Waldorf=Astoria on Monday, and will go again on Friday.  I was helping the security officers as much as I could.  The security is so tight right now with metal detectors and scanners for bags and things like that.  some of the guests are not too happy with all of the precautions since things move a fair bit slower than usual.  I spent 6 hours there and then we reunited at a bar afterwards.  Many good times.  I really do love the Waldorf! I'm looking forward to Friday already.

Right now I am in Baltimore Maryland visiting a friend and enjoying the Free WiFi of Starbucks!  While here I'm going to finish up my internship report I need to submit to get my SHA diploma from school.  One step at a time.

Alan and I chat when we can, but the time difference is a killer.  I'm really looking forward to get over there!!

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