Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Good


I finally found the perfect apartment. As in the one I ideally imagined for myself to move into next semester. It is big and bright, has a balcony, a is super close to school! I am very happy with it. I just need to give the contract and the deposit to the agency on Monday! I will start moving my stuff on June 1st, which is an added bonus because then I do not need to put it into storage in school just to rush and move it to my apartment during check in. It will ease the process of returning in July. I really am excited about it. My first time living by myself and my first time having that kind of space to myself (mini house). Let's see how organized I keep it. ;P


I ALSO got my passport done with. HUGE relief! I went to Bern yesterday bright and early at 6:40. I learned that you cannot take any bag into the consolate so you have to walk all the way back to the train station where there is a small bakery that will hold your bag for a fee. Of course. My ankle was not agreeing with all the walking, I was kinda horribly moody yesterday too. I donno why. It is done now, they said it should take between 5-10 days to get back to me, which is a big comfort from the 20 days that it said online. Not really a big deal since I am not leaving in 20 days or anything.

Culture Night

Well, culture night was also yesterday. We danced and had fun and it was really good. We also WON!!!! WOOO!!! Yah! It's funny because our on stage rehersals went better than the performance (as usual) but we still won. We got a bottle of not very good sparkling wine as our winning and shared at the after party in CDV. I'm excited to get the DVD and see it from the audiences perspective and show you all!


I was feeling a bit off yesterday, but I seem to be fine today, still a bit lightheaded, but not much. As with most of my health issues, they seem to come and go rather quickly. My ankle is feeling amazing today, which I really did not expect since I was dancing on it so much yesterday and walking around Bern etc. But it legitimatley does not hurt unless I press on the bruise. Weird healing???


It begins again on Monday. I really cannot believe that it is the end already. I am on my last academic session where most of my finals will be, and almost all of my presentations. And then absolute minimal stress after that. I will have 2 weeks in a la carte and then 2 days of exams and finished. Wow. It is actually difficult for me to fathom right now, how near to the end it is.


Me being me, I automatically look ahead to the next step. I have everything set for management now, an apt (!!!!), a group for the biggest project in the 3 years at Les Roches (Integrated Project), and people who I have learned are good quality people nearby. I have the gym and fewer distractions. I feel good about management. I am also thinking about my internship after I graduate in December. My CV has been updated and my cover letter reworked and ready to be tweaked and sent within minutes. There are a few places I am looking at that I would be SO happy working at. I'm not going to go through them right now, but it will be an ever increasing topic on my blog.

I hope summer is blessing you all with warm weather and sun! It'll get to the mountains eventually.

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