Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Don't Really Like This Anymore

Title 1

I am tired. So tired. I want to be done and relax. It isn't even about what is going on. I just don't sleep well and I sleep angry. Last night I was EXHAUSTED at 7 pm. 7....right. I actually got into bed and fell asleep for about 30 minutes at which point a song change on my ipod woke me up followed soon after by my roommate calling to remind me of a meeting we had for our kitchen project. I was not going to go. She sounded angry. I was exhausted. I was not going to go and get stuck going to bed at 10 pm and falling asleep at midnight. Sorry, not happening AGAIN. So, I put my head phones back in and tried to fall asleep. The music didn't help this time. I also then got a knock on my door from a friend. I got up then she said sorry and I went back to bed. I waited to fall asleep. Then I got upset about not showing up for the meeting. So yah, it was a fitful night full of frustration, anger, sadness, etc. etc. I did fall asleep after I read the instructions to my earplugs and they actually worked this time! I ended up sleeping at around 9-10, which is good...right? I woke up after 8 hours, 5:30 am and was awake, so I got my gym stuff on and headed over there, catching a glimpse of my face...I looked EXHAUSTED and I didn't feel refreashed from my sleep...just awake....This seems like it isn't going to be a very good day.

Title 2

And it is snowing again...seriously, so no trip to Lausanne tomorrow like I wanted, oh well. Only here would I be able to go running in the mountains on Sunday and be caught in a blizzard on Tuesday. I need my midterm break. Or a single room away from noise.

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