Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am waiting to go to meet Mr. Taylor regarding the situation with the chef. I actually already was called in to meet Rachny earlier today. I am amazed at how quickly this is all being dealt with. Rachny just had me go over the story and he highlighted the points he thought were most important, like the fact that Steiner wasn't even my chef that day, Ays was. And The points at which I felt uncomfortable, like when he was yelling about an inch away from my face etc. So now Taylor wants Steiner and me to sit down together and apologize to each other for our different wrongs. I will do that and I will also ask about my points and punishment that I was told would follow. I will let you all know what happens.

Random Comment

The head of the F&B department asked me today how my vegan food situation is going now. You see, I had been asking the school to give me half board so that I could use the money to feed myself well, since the school does not provide adequate nutrients for vegans. They ended up not giving me half board, but making a vegan friendly plate of food for lunch and dinner that consisted of the same vegetables grilled in walnut oil....every day for both lunch and dinner. I got tired of it pretty quickly and stopped picking it up. They don't make it anymore. It is more nutritious than just eating the salads, but no protein? No variety of nutrients? Really? Was that an improvement? I just take care of myself now, eat what I can, buy stuff and cook with friends at their place etc. ANYWAY, when he asked and I responded with my slight dissatisfaction at my options he said "well, have you lost weight or anything?" I have in fact and I guess he noticed because he goes "Yah, you have actually since last semester. Well, a few Kilos is good, right!" Ummmm, right. Sure I am happy I lost some weight, since I attribute it to my exercising regularly and eating "better", but not when I think about the fact that it may actually have had something to do with the extreme unwillingness the school has to help me. They could just give me half board.


I'm done ranting. I'm just irritated at my director and this school. I have a fancy dinner tonight and I will be wearing a dress I bought in Lausanne that didn't fit me all that great when I bought it, but might now. I'll post a picture, and compare to past ones maybe. Alright, time to go meet the director theoretically.

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