Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was one of my days off, so you know what I did? I dressed up as a cheerleader and froze my legs and bottom off in the freezing air. Then I went and partied all night long!! No, actually, though I thought my night was going to go something like that, it ended up going even better. To start, the dinner party in Randogne didn't end up working out properly, so instead of that, I dressed up in the warmest clothes I had and took a fun hike to Matt's place for Fondue. We drank wine, ate traditional Swiss cheese fondue, told stories, and listened to some music. It was really nice. The kind of social gatherings I am growing increasingly fond of. Then we had an adventure of a walk back down to Bluche, through snow and down slippery hills. It was a lot of fun. Then Albert and I went back to the room and watched a movie, which I lasted about 15 minutes into before falling deeply asleep.

Nov. 1st, today, is World Vegan Day. There is a celebration in England that I thought would have been really cool to attend, but didn't. I also had planned, but clearly not well enough, to eat PURELY vegan again today and backe something yummy and vegan, like pumpkin pie :D But I didn't plan correctly and actually don't even have the right kinds of food that I would eat on a regular basis let alone a vegan day's worth. So I may post-pone my own vegan day celebration for next week when I can go to the grocery store.

I Hope Everyone Has Had A Good OCT. I hope Halloween treated them well with kids ringing doorbells and eating tons of sugar. ;P One month gone and another one begins. What will November bring? October certainly seemed long and eventful to me. Not sure why. My goals for the new month: Go to the gym 6 days a week. Stick to eating healthy. Have a mini world vegan day celebration. Get some kind of explanation from the tummy specialist I am seeing on the 17th, though my stomach has been perfect since I was told by the dr. to go to the specialist. Visit Steffi in Zurich. Cheers then, to Nov. 1st!

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